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Alice Wray Doray

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Alice Doray lives with her husband in the central, Midwest United States.  She is originally from New Jersey and has also lived in Connecticut and New York.

Alice has been writing short stories and poetry for many years and has had several of her stories printed by other publications.

Her work is a through and through "real" reflection of life and times.  Her style is basic but not simple, thorough but not cluttered.  Most of her work reflects a true love of life and a never ending positive look on matters at hand.

Alice has dedicated much of her life to children and education.  Her style reflects this dedication and her work can be used as an inspiration for people of all ages.  


"You won't be a writer if you spend every day

Reading books on the craft about writing for pay.

or by going to classes to learn this fine art:

Taking notes for the future when you're ready to start.

You won't be a writer by pacing the floor

In search of ideas you may one day explore,

Or attending lectures to accumulate facts

To be filed away neatly for future attacks.

But you could be a writer if you tackle the caper;

Put thoughts down on any old paper.

The skill is developed by practice and might,

Success will be yours once you take time to write."

                                                          Alice Doray

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