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Easter 1961

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                                     Original drawing by Evelyn Doray-Eskridge


Posterity Assured

The first son arrived for hubby and me,

"That's fine," we said, "That's how it should be."

A second child came, a rosy-cheeked lass,

"How nice," we agreed, "Our family has class."

But then came a third, a wee curly lad,

"Do you know what you're doing?" asked Mother and Dad.

A move from the city to country came next,

That could have been the end of this text,

But alas and oh me, the move was a whirl

And nine months later we had a sweet girl.

Four preschoolers romped our house and our yard,

For hubby and me, times were a bit hard.

We consoled each other when day's work was done,

In spite of precautions we had . . . not a son,

But a fair-faced darling with smiles on her face.

They now numbered five.  Is that a disgrace?

Three girls and two boys, how lucky were we,

"Let's make it perfect and have three and three!"

So along came a boy who evened the score,

We couldn't have asked for anything more.

But an unknown power sent a bonus from heaven,

A cute little fellow, surprise number seven.

"Enough is enough!  Thanks a lot, but no more!"

Lucky seven it was, final count . . . three and four.

No regretting do we, as we rest in the shade,

Of the Family Tree that "togetherness" made.

                                                Alice Doray


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