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Maple Awake by Alice Doray - Page 15 and 16

The man rubbed his eyes, then looked again,

"It's a miracle!  You have become the most

beautiful tree I have ever seen!

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I can't cut you down now!"

The sugar maple trembled with joy,

shaking the birds on her branches. 

The birds feet tickled the tiny

buds on the branches and one by one

they popped open in laughter.  "My buds

are awake!   My buds are awake!  Now my leaves

will grow, just as I said they would," the sugar maple tree

exclaimed.   "Thank you my bird friends!  Come

back often for a shady rest or to build your nest!"

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As the birds flew off, a song echoed through the other trees,

"We knew you could do it, Sugar.

Welcome home!"

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